About Us

Eva Masluch

The pathway to starting Decova was by no means unconventional, having spent the majority of my career working in the corporate world across different countries and businesses. Armed with copious amounts of business skills and acumen, I am now ready to take on a completely new challenge and launch Decova – an interior design & renovation company with a difference.

In my experience, people are constantly searching for great ideas and expressions of individual taste. However, I believe this is only half of the success. While creativity and great design are obviously an important ingredient in the remodelling mix, I believe it’s the execution of the idea that will be key to its success.

At Decova, we aim to go beyond the masterful eye of design by focusing on fine craftsmanship, excellent attention to detail and superb project management skills in order to deliver a unique look to your home within a timescale that suits you – and all for a great price.

It is also my personal desire to put a smile on your face and make you feel good about using Decova to solve your design needs.

Maria-Rosa Piulats

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated about visiting my friends` homes and browsing their corners. Then, during the late hours, I would stay awake and dwell how I would rearrange some of these spaces to turn them into magical places – full of a calm and serene beauty, with a personal touch that goes beyond stereotypes.
Those dreams have become my professional reality. I transform spaces to beautiful, functional and timeless environments that fully reflect the personality of the owners. And, I perform my duty based on honesty and accessibility.

I personally believe interior design doesn’t have to be perceived as an exclusive. Reaching the optimum look and feel doesn’t mean filling a space with unnecessary elements or buying expensive items that are not suitable to you budget.
In fact, I am convinced that each of us has the possibilities to make its own home as a dream place. But for this we need to allocate our time to look around for inspiration, ideas, materials, etc., and then to evaluate each option, using our knowledge and available information. However, the question is: do we have time to do so?
At Decova, it is my job to give you time and to provide you with criteria how to turn your home into a truly special place – beautiful without superficialities and pretentiousness, place that transcends fashion and trends. Home made for life.